After exceptional work, the Counts of Foix welcome you home!

Breathtaking medieval scenery, war machines, participatory workshops and a new interactive museum, certainly a visit not to be missed! Have you ever visited Foix Castle? Forget everything you've seen!

You do not know this fortress? It's time to discover it! 

 After exceptional work, worthy of the greatest medieval sites, the Counts of Foix welcome you to their home! At the foot of the castle, discover the brand new museum space of 2,000 m2 and get acquainted with the different Counts of Foix, their wives, their passions, their beliefs and their daily life of hunts, wars, politics and parties. A companion (also available in foreign languages) will guide you through beautiful stories punctuated with games, interactive content and augmented reality.  

On its rock, the castle is also a new skin! If, from outside, you will find its imposing walls and its three towers having defied the wars and the time, inside, complete change of decoration: welcome to the XIVth century. In each room, furniture, seats and weapons are all more realistic than each other! We could even believe that the famous Gaston Fébus and his court still occupy the premises! 

Discover the great ceremonial room, the count's chamber, the weapons room, the scriptorium ... The terraces of the fortress will not be left out with participatory workshops led by our characters, straight from the Middle Ages, such as La Chignole, Cordilh or Brunissende. Learn how to use weapons of war, how to forge, how to cut stone or even how to work with imposing machines of war and construction ... 

It even seems that you could be used as a labor force. Surely an unforgettable visit! Reopening in June. Site open year round. Visits in French and foreign languages ​​with a visiting companion. Exhibitions and animations are scheduled throughout the year.



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Castle of Foix is ​​closed from January 7, 2019 due to works. Reopening in July 2019.