The Castle of Foix  Ariège Pyrénées 



From the top of its rock, in the heart of the town of Foix, you can see its three towers and its imposing walls that have defied wars and time, inside, a complete change of scenery: welcome to the 14th century. Visiting the Castle of Foix, you may believe that the famous Gaston Fébus and his court still occupy the place! In each room, furniture, seats, tables, beds and weapons are installed to restore it to its former glory. Each one is more realistic than the other, and is made to measure after a long work of archival research and inventory of the various known medieval collections. Among the rooms to be discovered are the great ceremonial room, the count's bedroom, the armoury, the scriptorium, the dungeon... When you visit the interiors of this new Château, you will be in the heart of the Middle Ages.... and it will not be just a vain promise!

Un workshops at the Château de Foix :

A medieval immersion at the foot of the three towers of this new castle, participative workshops are proposed to you every day. Animated by characters straight from the Middle Ages, such as La Chignole, Cordilh, Brunissende..., they will help you to project yourself into the time of the Counts of Foix. You will learn how to handle weapons of war such as bows and crossbows, how to carve stone or the rudiments of the forge.


A New Museographic Space at the Castle of Foix

Discover the brand new 2,000m2 museum space in the Château de Foix and get to know the Counts of Foix! Situated at the foot of the site, this new space offers you a modern, fun and interactive experience: a single motto: "learning while having fun"!


Through the different rooms, you will discover this great Pyrenean lineage following the story of a fictitious chronicler, Guilhem de Labarre. Witness of the life of the Counts of Foix and their wives, he evokes, in turn, their conquests, their defeats, their alliances, their unions, their passions, their beliefs and their daily life made of hunting, wars, politics or festivities. These beautiful stories will be punctuated by games, interactive content and augmented reality delivered via your visiting companion (available in several languages). The story begins, at the very beginning of the Middle Ages, with Bernard, founder of the dynasty, around the year 1000, and ends in 1589, when Henry of Navarre became King of France. The museum tour will also allow you to discover the history of the county of Foix, the town and the castle, Catharism, but also to better understand daily life, the legends that were told to each other and the splendours of the court of the counts in the Middle Ages.