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Home bike Quality South of France
Attention: Friday, September 2, for the preparations for the fireworks, only the museum part can be visited. (Preferential rate and ticket valid to visit the castle at a later date).

Have you ever visited the Château de Foix? Forget everything you've seen! You don't know this fortress? Now is the time to find out!
After exceptional work, worthy of the greatest medieval construction sites, the Counts of Foix welcome you to their home!

The museum space
At the foot of the castle, discover the brand new 2,000 m2 museum space and get to know the different counts of Foix, their wives, their passions, their beliefs and their daily life made up of hunts, wars, politics and celebrations. A tour companion (available from your smartphone and in foreign languages) will guide you through beautiful stories punctuated with games and interactive content.

Immersive rooms and fun activities
On its rock, the castle is also getting a makeover! If, from the outside, you will find its imposing walls and its three towers having defied wars and time, inside, a complete change of scenery: welcome to the 14th century.
In each room, furniture, seats and weapons are all more realistic than each other! One could even believe that the famous Gaston Fébus and his court still occupy the premises! Discover the great state room, the count's bedroom, the arms room, the scriptorium...
The terraces of the fortress will not be outdone with participatory workshops led by our characters, straight from the Middle Ages, such as La Chignole, Cordilh or Brunissende. Learn how to handle the weapons of war, to forge, to cut the stone or even the functioning of imposing machines of war and construction… it even seems that you could serve as a workforce.

A totally offbeat exhibition!
Until December 30, whether you are geeks, history buffs, pop culture lovers, film buffs or simply curious young and old, you are invited to come and discover the 1st exhibition of the new Château de Foix: “Swords of legends: from Excalibur to the lightsaber".

Fantasy worlds have never been as present on the screen as they are today: they have literally invaded our dark rooms and living rooms. What was alternative a few years ago now feeds cinema blockbusters. Epic frescoes, extraordinary battles, chivalrous quests... the stories feature the most mythical swords and the most futuristic legendary blades.
But where do these imaginary objects come from? Are they from the minds of contemporary designers and illustrators?
What if these fantastic weapons had their roots in our history?

Over nearly 200m2, this very first exhibition confronts cult cinema objects with the authentic models from which they are inspired.We can thus find the big names of heroic fantasy and space opera. Among them, the essential Star Wars, Games of Thrones, Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings but also older but no less cult references such as Xena the warrior, Conan the barbarian or Highlander.

Unusual !!!
Discover the escape game “Trésor des Cathares”. 1 hour, 1 team, 1 investigation to discover the famous treasure.
On reservation, from 6 years old.

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: OPBI-101657




: +33 5 61 05 10 10

GPS coordinates

Latitude : 42,96608
Longitude : 1,604744

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