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For a holiday, a weekend or just a day trip, Foix Ariège Pyrénées is THE must-see destination of Ariege! Teeming with culture, events and medieval history, Foix Ariège Pyrénées is nestled in a peaceful and pristine natural valley.

Come and discover the different aspects and surprising history of Ariege. For an indoor experience, conquer the impressive Foix castle or plunge into the earth at the Labouiche underground river. For an outdoor family trip, visit the unforgotten village at the Pyrene Forge, where authentic traditions and fascinating encounters take centre stage for the enjoyment of children and adults alike! Make your holiday in Ariege memorable with new discoveries, thrills, festivities and gastronomy. Canyoning, caving, walking or mountain biking ... cultural tours, festive events, local product tasting and encounters with local artisans ... there is something for everyone in Foix Ariège Pyrénées! Feel free to visit the tourist office anytime! Our local experts are ready to share their recommendations and the best deals on activities, visits, accommodation and restauration!